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Russia 2018 World Cup Fixture Guide: Group stage days ranked

World Cup Fixture
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Out of all of the group stage days we were really intrigued to see which World Cup fixture dates would be the best ones to sit in a Stonegate pub to soak up the tournament atmosphere until closing hours! Remember you can pick a date and book a table or booth at any of our Stonegate Pubs and enjoy these World Cup fixture dates in the best atmosphere in your area!

We recently did a breakdown on all of the key players and predictions for all thirty-two teams, so it might be a good idea to check back there to reference what we talk about below.

All times listed are BST (British Summer Time)


World Cup Fixture Day #1


June 27th:
Mexico vs Sweden (Group F) – Ekaterinburg, 3pm
South Korea vs Germany (Group F) – Kazan, 3pm

Serbia vs Brazil  (Group E) – Moscow (Spartak), 7pm
Switzerland vs Costa Rica (Group E) – Nizhny Novgorod, 7pm

In the Brazil 2014 World Cup, five of these eight teams were in the Last 16. Sweden were the only nation out of the eight that didn’t qualify the World Cup four years ago and they came about as close as you can get, losing out to Portugal over two legs in the playoffs.


Three of the eight teams reached the quarter-finals, and two were in the semi-finals. The Group E matches (Serbia vs Brazil and Switzerland vs Costa Rica) could also decide who goes to the Round of 16, as Brazil and Switzerland, the toughest teams in that group, play each other ten days earlier on the first day of play for this group. Pressure will be sky high, as there is so much to play for.


World Cup Fixture Day #2


Sunday June 17th:

Costa Rica vs Serbia (Group E) – Samara, 1pm

Germany vs Mexico (Group F) – Moscow (Luzhniki), 4pm

Brazil vs Switzerland (Group E) – Rostov-on-Don, 7pm

This is so similar to the above date, with less game and closer match-ups! The results of the Germany vs Mexico and Brazil vs Switzerland matches will be massive factors for Group E and F. Costa Rica vs Serbia could put one of Group E’s underdogs in a good position heading into their matches with the favourites later in group play.


World Cup Fixture Day #3


Thursday June 28th:

Senegal vs Colombia (Group H) – Samara, 3pm

Japan vs Poland (Group H) – Volgograd, 3pm

England vs Belgium (Group G) – Kaliningrad, 7pm

Panama vs Tunisia (Group G) – Saransk, 7pm

We may be a tad biased here but England vs Belgium is the match most of us at Watch The World Cup are looking forward to the most. We’ll get to see what Kevin de Bruyne, Eden Hazard, and Romelu Lukaku can do against our beloved England squad. Spearheaded by Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, Dele Alli and other fellow Premier League players we hope they’re all in good form.

The Panama vs Tunisia game is really important for their chances of qualification. More so if one of them take points off from Belgium or England. As for the Group H matches, this is one of the more open groups.


World Cup Fixture Day #4


Saturday June 23rd:

Belgium vs Tunisia (Group G) – Moscow (Spartak), 1pm

South Korea vs Mexico (Group F) – Rostov-on-Don, 4pm

Germany vs Sweden (Group F) – Sochi, 7pm


The Group F matches should be incredibly entertaining. South Korea and Sweden are weaker than Mexico and Germany but there will be some top quality attacking football on display. Hopefully Tunisia can up their level against Belgium… Even if they don’t it’s another game with some top quality players involved so it could maybe even be a rout!


World Cup Fixture Day #5


Friday June 15th:

Egypt vs Uruguay  (Group A) – Ekaterinburg, 1pm

Morocco vs Iran (Group B) – St Petersburg, 4pm

Portugal vs Spain (Group B) – Sochi, 7pm

This is the first full day of football this tournament and it’s set to be storming! The Egypt vs Uruguay game will see a clash of skills as the goal hungry Mo Salah and Luis Suarez face each other, while Portugal vs Spain puts the last two Euro winners against one another, and also is an all-star battle of the Galacticos as Cristiano Ronaldo faces the a lot of hi Real Madrid teammates and Barcelona rivals. Morocco-Iran won’t really be too much to write home about and unless Spain bottle it again it will be an underwhelming match that will determine which team finishes third in Group B.


World Cup Fixture Day #6

Monday June 18th:

Sweden vs South Korea (Group F) – Nizhny Novgorod, 1pm

Belgium vs Panama (Group G) – Sochi, 4pm

Tunisia vs England (Group G) – Volgograd, 7pm

All eyes on Group F and Group G once again. The Sweden vs South Korea game could put one of those teams in decent shape to make it out Group F (albeit unlikely), while Tunisia v England and Belgium v Panama are crucial games in seeing if group favourites Belgium and England will go through.


World Cup Fixture Day #7


Friday June 22nd:

Brazil vs Costa Rica (Group E) – St Petersburg, 1pm

Nigeria vs Iceland (Group D) – Volgograd, 4pm

Serbia vs Switzerland (Group E) – Kaliningrad, 7pm

If Costa Rica or Serbia are going to advance from Group E, this might be the day where one of them needs to make themselves known, given the Brazil vs Switzerland clash five days earlier. Nigeria vs Iceland is sure to be a well fought battle, Iceland’s passion from Euro 2016 got them into the quarter final and Nigeria may just win via styling out the Scandinavians with the pattern of their new kit… Jokes aside they do also have a knack of getting out of group stages so this won’t be a dull game for Group D.


World Cup Fixture Day #8


Thursday June 21st:

Denmark vs Australia (Group C) – Samara, 1pm

France vs Peru (Group C) – Ekaterinburg, 4pm

Argentina vs Croatia (Group D) – Nizhny Novgorod, 7pm

This is probably the day where Groups C & D get decided, with the top quality teams from each group facing off.  Most eyes will be on Argentina Messi going down as one the greatest of all time really depends on achieving World Cup success. If he emulates South American greats like Pele and Maradona before him Messi surely will be the greatest. If all goes to plan it’s not a worry for the Argentine’s but this is football and as we all know, anything can and usually does happen.


World Cup Fixture Day #9


Tuesday June 26th:

Denmark vs France (Group C) – Moscow (Luzhniki), 3pm

Australia vs Peru (Group C) – Sochi, 3pm

Nigeria vs Argentina (Group D) – St Petersburg, 7pm

Iceland vs Croatia (Group D) – Rostov-on-Don, 7pm

Depending on what happens on June 21st, this could be a must-win situation for either Argentina or Croatia. The idea of Lionel Messi needing to beat Nigeria to advance to the Round of 16 seems like a story arc we want to see. As a regular match up, Nigeria recently beat Argentina in a 2017 friendly although Argentina won their last competitive game, so who knows…

As for the Group C match-ups, France is clearly the group’s best team, and the battle for the second qualification spot will be a dogfight that could be decided by whether or not any of the three other teams in the group steals a point from the French.


World Cup Fixture Day #10


Sunday June 24th:

England vs Panama (Group G) – Nizhny Novgorod, 1pm

Japan vs Senegal (Group H) – Ekaterinburg, 4pm

Poland vs Colombia (Group H) – Kazan, 7pm

Poland vs Colombia will give the winner leverage towards top spot in Group H and will feature Bayern Munich’s striker duo James Rodriguez and Robert Lewandowski facing off against each other. Senegal has a respectable team and will be depending on Liverpool’s Sadio Mane to lead with the goals, and the Japanese could have their hands full in this game. England vs Panama should be a walk in the park, but we all know what England are like (didn’t win a single game in group stages in 2014, finishing with a 0-0 draw to Costa Rica). Let’s hope the new blood of Gareth Southgate works and the players can replicate their Premier League form.

World Cup Fixture Day #11


Wednesday June 20th:

Portugal vs Morocco (Group B) – Moscow (Luzhniki), 1pm

Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia (Group A) – Rostov-on-Don, 4pm

Iran vs Spain (Group B) – Kazan, 7pm

These are three games featuring big players but it would be a good guess to predict that Portugal, Uruguay and Spain are going to deal with their opponents swiftly in this one. This doesn’t make it an even or tense match up but there should be a lot of goals from the likes of Ronaldo, Suarez and the entire Spanish team. It would be pretty surprising if Morocco, Saudi Arabia, or Iran got any points on this match day.


World Cup Fixture Day #12


Monday June 25th:

Uruguay vs Russia (Group A) – Samara, 3pm

Saudi Arabia vs Egypt (Group A) – Volgograd, 3pm

Iran vs Portugal (Group B) – Saransk, 7pm

Spain vs Morocco (Group B) – Kaliningrad, 7pm


Entertainment-wise, this features a similar entrée to June 20th and we get a plate of Mo Salah. Saudi Arabia vs Egypt could determine the second team out of Group A.


World Cup Fixture Day #13


Saturday June 16th:

France vs Australia (Group C) – Kazan, 11am

Argentina vs Iceland (Group D) – Moscow (Spartak), 2pm

Peru vs Denmark (Group C) – Saransk, 5pm

Croatia vs Nigeria (Group D) – Kaliningrad, 8pm

Four matches on a Saturday is just what the doctor ordered for a full day out in the pub, but there are three pretty clear favourites in these matches. Peru vs Denmark is one of the more interesting matches of the first round though, given that Peru hasn’t been to the World Cup since 1982 and Denmark missed both the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Euro tournaments.


World Cup Fixture Day #14


Tuesday June 19th:

Colombia vs Japan (Group H) – Saransk, 1pm

Poland vs Senegal (Group H) – Moscow (Spartak), 4pm

Russia vs Egypt (Group A) – St Petersburg, 7pm

Robert Lewandowski vs Sadio Mane in Poland vs Senegal will be a good watch. Finding great form at Bayern Munich and Liverpool respectively this season, James Rodriguez and Mo Salah will also be in action. Compared to the other days this one doesn’t look like a blockbuster on paper.

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