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Where To Watch The World Cup In Cardiff: 5 Best Pubs and Bars

Owain Glyndwr - Watch The World Cup in Cardiff
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Cardiff, the largest bastion of footballing prowess in Wales (sorry Swansea) has a wealth of great venues to watch the World Cup in. It’s a shame that Wales won’t be featuring in the World Cup this year but it’s still a spectacle for any football fan from around the world. Plus it’s going to be a bit of celebration in Wales to point and laugh at the inevitable early exit from England 😬. Wales do have a string of high profile friendlies this summer too, some of which you’ll be able to check out at all of the pubs. Here’s where you can watch the World Cup in Cardiff:



Walkabout Cardiff

This is Cardiff’s home of sport and the home of partying. It’s probably the best way to experience the World Cup besides actually being in the stadium.


After having a massive £70,000 refurbishment last year, this venue is a clean and cosy place to have some authentic Australian food and drinks before getting heart races beating for the climaxes of these great games we’re looking forward to.


Walkabout Cardiff - Watch The World Cup In Cardiff
Walkabout Cardiff



Owain Glyndwr Cardiff

People in the area say all the time that the best bouncers in the world work here and that level of excellence trickles all the way across the pub. It’s a lively atmosphere and is known for being a staple sports pub in Cardiff. It can get quite busy so it makes sense to book ahead!

The que system at the bar means it takes little to no time to get served even at busy periods.

It’s also a very mixed clientele with, locals, students and sports fanatics all coming together in this quaint little establishment.

Owain Glyndwr - Watch The World Cup in Cardiff
Owain Glyndwr, Cardiff



Yates Cardiff

Yates is a five minute walk from Cardiff Queen Street station with 3 huge projectors and 6 other HD screens. It’s an immersive experience with an ambience that you won’t find at many other places in the city. As Yates is a child friendly bar, if you want to bring along the kids for a then that’s all good too. Oh and don’t forget it’s 2-4-1 cocktails all day every day!


Yates Cardiff - Watch The World Cup
Yates, Cardiff



Woodville Cardiff

Woodville (or “The Woody” to locals) is another Cardiff venue that’s had a recent refurb so the décor at this place is excellent. They have a large selection of beers on tap which is priced very reasonably and the food is so good, especially when you have that moreish aftertaste of not-spending-too-much-for-a-main.  It’s a student focused bar that prides itself on being the place for sport while still maintaining a warm atmosphere.


Woodville Cardiff - Watch The World Cup In Cardiff
Woodville, Cardiff



Mackintosh Hotel Cardiff

Mackintosh Hotel offers six plasma screens and a huge projector to fulfil all of your World Cup needs! A Stonegate site that offers table service on the biggest sports games of the season (the England group stages will be included, look out for the bout against Belgium!)


Mackintosh - Watch The World Cup in Cardiff
Mackintosh, Cardiff


Where’s your favourite sports pub in Cardiff? Make sure you book because everyone is going to want a seat at the above!

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