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Should Joe Hart Still Be The England Goalkeeper?

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Joe Hart has not played in the Premier League since conceding four goals in West Ham’s away defeat to Everton in November. Speaking to the Telegraph, Joe Hart is still vying for the number one England goalkeeper spot.

As a keeper experiencing career highs of going to two World Cups and two Euros, his career seemed to freefall when Guardiola shipped him off to Roma on loan from Man City upon his arrival. He’s still on loan from Man City at West Ham, and Hart has fallen down in the pecking order there too. The depth of competition from English goalkeepers in the premier league may prove to be problematic for the Shrewsbury man.

England Selection

On England selection he was rather coy about speaking out of turn and also recognises the competition for the spot. “There‘s going to be some big decisions coming up and as long as I’ve got my name in the mix that’s the most important.”, adding further:

Joe Hart England Goalkeeper
Hart hasn’t played first team football since November. Should he be considered as England goalkeeper?


“We have our own boys doing really well, the English boys: [Nick] Pope, [Jack] Butland, [Jordan] Pickford, Tom [Heaton], Big Frase [Fraser Forster]. There’s a lot of talent in this league.”


He knows he needs to be starting for West Ham too, “Of course I do, especially to push for a starting place with England, I definitely need to be playing,” he says. “It’s something I’m working every day to be back in.” Akin to this, there has been increased speculation about a possible loan move away from West Ham to Newcastle. It is still only January and if Hart can make a move and impress under Rafa Benitez it could be a shot at redemption for the experienced keeper.

Penalty Curse

A good penalty stopper too; having stopped pens from Rooney, Messi, Ibrahimović, Ronaldinho, Fabregas and Lampard, will England need him to fight against the curse we have with penalty shootouts? A wealth of experience in these tournaments would definitely make him a good choice to at least take on the plane, but maybe not a number one spot?


Who do you think the England goalkeeper should be? Whatever happens you can watch Joe Hart or whoever starts in goal for England at a large variety of venues across the UK.

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