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French Referee Gets Banned For Three Months

French Referee, Tony Chapron
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A French referee hilariously kicked out at player during a Ligue one game.

He was handed a six month ban from the game.

How did this happen?

This happened as Diego Carlos was sent off for accidentally colliding with the French referee Tony Chapron.

This was as he tracked back to prevent his side conceding another goal.

Incredibly, Chapron kicked back out at the player as he climbed back onto his feet, brandishing a second yellow, then red card. It was a slapstick moment and a misplaced power trip that you really need to see:




“The technical direction of refereeing and the federal commission of refereeing have decided on the withdrawal of Tony Chapron, who had been appointed for Wednesday’s Ligue 1 game between Angers and Troyes, until further notice,” the French federation said in a statement on Monday.

French Referee Chapron apologised to Carlos on Monday

“This clumsy gesture was inappropriate. I therefore wish to apologise to Diego Carlos,” he was quoted as saying in French media.

The French league said that it had cancelled Carlos’s second yellow card, meaning he was eligible to play in Ligue 1 against Toulouse.

“I know that refereeing is tough, but the referee sometimes need to put himself into question,” Nantes forward Valentin Rongier said.

“If we do something like this, we get a 10-game suspension.”

Nantes president Waldemar Kita told L‘Equipe: “It’s a joke. I got 20 SMS from all over the world telling me that this referee is a joke. What do you want me to tell you? If I talk too much, I’ll be summoned by an ethics committee.”


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