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3 Reasons Why There Needs To Be A Sturridge Transfer

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The 2013/14 season when Sturridge had Suarez as a strike partner seems like a distant memory. One of them has gone on to be one of the World’s most successful strikers. The other seems as if his career is going in reverse. The Daniel Sturridge transfer saga is ongoing and this is why it needs to be completed ASAP:


In November, Liverpool boss Klopp said he had no plans for a Sturridge transfer. It’s now January and he has only played 18 minutes of match football since then! Klopp has taken a no comment method of response to questions. However, recently stating on the situation; “I have nothing to say about that,” and “Until January 31st, a lot of things can happen”.




While being in and out of injury, he’s not going to start over the in-form trio Firmino, Mane or Salah. All three of these players are sure to have great experiences at this World Cup for Brazil, Senegal and Egypt respectively.

You can watch their fixtures as well as England’s at a dizzying amount of pubs and bars around the country.




If you didn’t already realise, the World Cup is coming! Gareth Southgate has already made it clear that only players who are playing regularly for their clubs have a chance of being selected for England. So if you are competing for a forward position with Kane, Vardy, Rashford and Welbeck (who play almost every week) it means time is of the essence for a Sturridge transfer out of Liverpool.



Here’s a thought though; with all of his injuries does it make sense to rush fitness and maybe get injured at the World Cup. I think Michael Owen tried that once and it didn’t work out too well. Perhaps Sturridge should get the transfer he needs for some 2018 game time anyway but spend summer chilling at one of the best places to watch the World Cup in Liverpool. If you’d like to do the same here’s where you can:


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